Career Advice

At any stage in your career you may begin to feel restless or unfulfilled by your job. This can often be resolved by revising your level of responsibility or role focus, or even just taking a break. Sometimes, however, a complete career change may be in order. Job boards such as Resume Library provide professionals with the ability to take a casual and anonymous peek into the job market and get information about which types of jobs are out there. When the time is right, they can be utilized to easily identify and apply to jobs in your chosen field.

Our tips below are designed to provide information and advice to professionals looking to change career direction.

Identify your true passion

Is there a certain job you've always wanted to do? Have you got a natural skill which you're not using? If you are unfulfilled by your current role then have a think about which of your skills and interests could translate into the workplace. You may even have hobbies which could be utilized to make money by gaining a qualification in teaching that activity.

Do your research

Spending time on job boards and career sites, in addition to speaking with friends who may have similar jobs can be an important part of the process. Make sure you understand what the job entails and that you're happy with every aspect of what you'd be doing on a daily basis.

Learn new skills

If you identify any gaps in your knowledge which would be necessary to apply to your chosen role, make a point of addressing these before moving ahead. Completing an evening or online course could make all the difference in whether your application attracts the right kind of attention.

Rework your resume

Now is the time to update your resume and your all-important online profiles. Check out our resume tips to ensure you are selling yourself to the best of your ability.

Make them believe

The saying goes, 'believe in yourself and the rest will follow'. Once you know what you want, and you've developed your skills to take on a new challenge, make sure you sell your skills to would-be employers so they can believe in you, too!

Keep under the radar

Update your Linkedin and other business networking sites. This is a subtle sign to recruiters that you may be open to communication. Make sure your profile is set to receiving inmail, too.

Don't be scared of change - embrace it!

If you've made your decision to leave and have mulled it over for some time, don't let attachments to your current firm or colleagues get in the way of moving ahead with your dream. You can always stay in touch on a personal basis.