Interview Tips

If the thought of attending an interview for a new role fills you with dread, read our preparation tips below to help you work through your nerves!

They're Just People!

The first thing to remember is that your interviewer is a person, just like you. A few years ago they may have even been in the very same position as you are now. Of course they will keep up a professional front throughout your meeting, but if it helps - imagine them in their pajamas watching TV on a Saturday night!


Do your research on the company and take along any relevant documents such as your resume or portfolio. Pick out your outfit the night before and check out the travel route. Being able to wake up on the day and not rush about will do wonders for your confidence.

Do Your Background Research

Linkedin and other business networking sites are fantastic tools for interview preparation. Use them to your advantage! Log on to your Linkedin account and look up the people you'll be meeting with. Skim through their previous work experience and where they went to university. This information may prove useful in the interview, but at the very least finding out more will humanize the interviewer for you. You never know, you may end up finding common ground through the groups and discussions they've joined.

Breathe, stay hydrated, and get some sleep!

This piece of advice sounds simple enough, but it is imperative for you to go into your interview feeling refreshed. Eat a couple of hours beforehand so you won't be too hungry or too full, and make sure you take a glass of water if one is offered. Breathing exercises on your way to the interview will help relax your nerves, too.

Talk about it

If you're feeling anxious about your interview and have some pretty big butterflies whizzing around in your stomach, one of the best things you can do is talk through your thought process with a trusted friend. Picking up the phone to your recruiter (if you have one) is also a good idea. They may have some helpful advice.