What to wear to an interview

If you are wondering, 'what should I wear to an interview?' You are not alone. First impressions count and it can be tricky to know how to express your personality and professionalism all in one outfit. What may be appropriate interview-wear for one industry may be totally wrong for another. Avoid a fashion faux pas, with our interview attire guidelines that will help you dress to impress.

Clean, unwrinkled clothing. No excuses! If your clothes are creased or have holes and fraying fabric, you will look like you did not take this interview seriously. The interviewer could have a whole hour looking in your direction so, if you thought you would you get away with that red wine stain, think again.

Clothes that fit. A tent-like dress or a shirt that is bursting at the seams does not do you justice. If you struggle to find the perfect fit with your professional wear, visit a tailor and invest in getting a few key pieces that fit you like a glove.

No distracting prints or accessories. A pink and green striped shirt may seem like a great way to be remembered but not if the pattern gives the interviewer a migraine.

Smell of nothing. Wear antiperspirant and if you put on perfume or aftershave apply only a small amount, hours before the interview. Over powering scents can ignite allergies and be off-putting. Same goes for smoking. The smell of cigarette smoke clings to your hair and clothes so avoid smoking until after the interview.

Clean and groomed hair. As with your clothes. Don't take any chances. If you are worried that your hair might not be clean enough, wash it!

Be comfortable. If you are wearing something too tight or itchy or hot, you will not be able to perform at your best in the interview which, after all, is the most important thing.

Interview attire for women:

Make up. The more natural and neutral the better. If you do brave a pop of colour check there are no smudges of lipstick on your teeth before you enter the interview.

Do your research

jewellery, too much bling or jingly loud jewellery could be distracting.

If you choose to wear high heels, make sure you can walk in them. To save your feet from getting sore, take flat shoes in a bag and change after the interview.

Interview attire for men:

Shoes must be polished.

Shave or keep facial hair looking smart and groomed.

Shorts are rarely acceptable, even in an interview with a less formal dress code.

Colour Coding: The rules of the rainbow

The 'you cannot go wrong' colors: Blue, Navy, White, Black, and Grey.The 'add a splash if the time is right' colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Green.The 'err better not' colors: Orange (can come across too maverick) and Brown (can seem dull).